Expert Tree Service in Hopewell, NJ

Whether you need one tree by your home removed or acres of trees on your commercial property cared for, the experts at HTS Tree Care Professionals can provide safe, quality, and affordable services in Hopewell, NJ, and surrounding areas. As a second-generation, family-owned company our highly trained tree specialists have been serving residential and commercial properties of Hopewell NJ since 1996. Brian Hartel began HTS and sharing his love of the outdoors, tree care, and offering affordable prices with clients, was passed on to his son, Brian Jr. who joined him. As Certified Arborists and a highly experienced team of tree care specialists on our staff, we can help answer any questions about your trees.

Tree Care

With the proper tree care in Hopewell, NJ, you can add value to your property while keeping your trees healthy. Poorly cared for trees become a liability to the safety of your property and to people. Our Certified Arborists can discuss recommendations for your property. You’ll enjoy the added benefits of shade and beauty a properly cared for tree adds to your property!

Tree Trimming & Pruning

After reviewing your trees and the entire property, we will recommend the best type of trimming and pruning. We use different methods based on the needs of your trees to keep them healthy and strong as they grow. Depending on the species, size, location and age we will choose crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown reduction or hazard reduction. Each method removes dead, broken or diseased branches. Crown thinning will remove branches to allow for increased sunlight and air flow. Crown reduction will reduce the size while hazard reduction will prune the tree away from areas where it could cause harm such as homes, utility lines or walkways.

We will be happy to discuss the best option for your trees to keep them healthy!

Tree Removal in Hopewell, NJ

While we are in the service of protecting and keeping trees healthy, there are times when a tree needs to be removed. Our team is licensed and highly skilled in the use of bucket trucks, cranes, and tree climbing methods to make tree removal safe for your property. We will protect any nearby structures as well as place matting on the property for added protection when using our equipment on your property. Using our chipper after the tree has safely come down, allows for the majority of the tree to be disposed of leaving your property clean before we finish and leave.

Call to speak with our team of experts to learn how to keep your trees healthy!

Our reputation of professionalism begins with the first phone call and extends from arrival on site to completion of the job. Led by our Certified Arborists and supported by state-of-the-art and well-maintained equipment, our staff will efficiently complete tasks using the most recent and
innovative practices in the industry.

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