I received my proposal, what should I now do?

Please call or email us and notify us of the acceptance. A signed copy of the proposal is required, and can be sent to us by mail, email, or fax.

How long does it take to schedule the work at my house?

Depending on our schedule, we may be able to come over within a couple days to a few weeks. It is best to ask for a rough time frame upon accepting the proposal. We try not to set firm dates far in advance as set backs can occur at any time due to in-climate weather. Occasionally, specific jobs may require specialized equipment that can alter the scheduling of work.

I have an emergency. Do I still need to wait several weeks?

Emergency work becomes our first priority. In extreme cases, trees on houses and blocking driveways have priority over fallen trees and limbs in yards. Not all emergency work can be gotten to immediately and we try to schedule on a first come, first serve basis.

How will I know when crews will be at my house?

We try to notify all of our clients by the night before we plan to come that we would like arrive. Occasionally, we run ahead of schedule and reserve the right to come at any time without notice, as we do not need access inside any buildings.

Is there anything I should do before crews arrive on site?

Yes. Please make sure that cars are removed from driveways and not parked in front of the property or tree we are to be working on. Efficiency can require a lot of equipment, which all needs to be parked somewhere. Please make sure any toys are cleaned and moved away from our work area. Patio furniture and grills should also be removed, if possible. If the yard is home to a dog, please clean up after your pet before we arrive on site. If the tree to be worked on is near a window, it may be a good idea to close any nearby windows to eliminate the transmission of dust.

Are there any additional costs not identified on my proposal?

Our proposals are all price quotes, not estimations. No additional pricing will be incurred, unless additional work is added on. Time and material quotes should specify rates at which they will be billed. Sales tax is an addition to all work performed in New Jersey.

I would like to have something additional done at my house. What should I do?

Please call or notify us as soon as you decide to have something else performed. If we are not notified before arrival, we may need to reschedule. Please notify us if a new estimate is required, otherwise all additional work will be added to the invoice as an additional charge.

How large is your equipment?

Our bucket truck was a working height of 60’. The crane companies we utilize currently run 36 and 45-ton cranes, reaching 127’ to 142’. Our chipper can process material up to 18” in diameter.

Is the equipment heavy? I don’t want ruts in my lawn.

Some of the equipment is heavy and we do everything we can to prevent property damage. Matting is used to disperse the weight of our equipment and prevent ruts, when ground conditions require and it is feasible to do so. Some shallow markings may be visible for a short amount of time after the work is completed. In most cases, precautions prevent any evidence that we have been on the property.

I pruned and installed a cable in my tree. Is it now safe?

Trees are living organisms that are constantly changing and may contain hidden defects that are impossible to determine. They can never be guaranteed not to fail. Cabling and other support systems should be maintained through periodic inspections and adjustments.

I pruned and fertilized my tree. Is it now healthy?

Maintenance of a tree increases vigor, but cannot indiscriminately guarantee the health of a tree. Changes in weather and site conditions can change rapidly and cause sudden and detrimental impacts to a trees health.

A large limb was cut or fell off of my tree. Should I apply tree wound dressing?

The most recent studies have shown that the application of tree wound dressing does not help in the compartmentalization, or healing, process of a tree. In fact, it can lengthen this period by creating an additional artificial barrier. If it can be applied within the first 24- 48 hours, it will inhibit the amount of insect and disease damage the tree can incur, but it not effective after this time frame. If it is applied for a purely cosmetic reason, only a thin layer should be applied.

How much does a tree removal cost?

Trees come in many different sizes and are in many different locations with different obstacles that need to be considered and avoided. The price can range from a couple hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per tree.

Is stump removal included with the tree removal?

Most proposals specify what is to be done with a stump. If nothing is mentioned, the stump will stay and is not part of the tree removal quote.

What is included in the stump grinding process?

Stumps to be ground will be so done to an average depth of 2”-6” below grade level. Excess grindings will then be removed and the remnants will be spread to approximately 2” above grade to allow for settling. Grindings will not be removed so far as to create a pit or tripping hazard. In some cases, metal or large rocks may be found within a stump that limit the amount of grinding that can occur.

Can I remove my neighbor’s tree?

Under current NJ law, any tree parts overhanging a property can be removed as long as proper pruning techniques are employed and access to the neighboring property is not required. Fallen trees and limbs belong to the property on which they fell, and not to the property of which they originated.

Do I need a permit to remove my tree?

Certain municipalities require that a permit be obtained prior to tree removal while others do not. The cost and requirements of the permit varies from town to town as well. Certain municipalities also require that only licensed tree services are able to perform such work. It is best to contact your municipality or one of our Certified Arborists before the removal is to occur. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to obtain such permits, however, our staff can obtain them for a fee.

I had a tree planted. Is it guaranteed?

We are not a maintenance company and do not routinely visit our customers property to check on the health and vitality of planted material, thus we cannot offer such a guarantee. Please notify us at the first sign of distress so we can determine the cause and treatment. We strive to use high quality plant material and the best planting practices, severely limiting stress factors from occurring. No guarantee can be offered against severe weather damage, including strong winds, rain, or snow, or against mechanical or animal damage.

How long should I water a newly planted for?

Ideally, a tree should be watered from Easter to Halloween 1-2 times per day, as needed, at a slow trickle for approximately 10 minutes. The soil should be moist, but not wet.

What is included in a tree installation?

Quotes for tree installations include the cost of the tree, the pickup and delivery of the tree, and the labor for planting the tree. Mulching after planting is not included, but is recommended.

What if I have other questions?

Please refer to the contract we have sent as it can usually answer many questions and details specifications about our work. Other questions can be answered by calling us at 609-737-1682 or emailing us.

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