Stump Grinding

When a tree is removed a stump may be left in its place. These stumps can be unsightly or create possible tripping hazards. HTS Tree Care has the equipment to grind stumps below ground level to eliminate this. 

Stump grinding is accomplished by using a machine with hardened carbide teeth. The teeth are rapidly spun over the wood, turning it into a mulch-like material. This material can then be removed, and the area covered by topsoil. Unlike digging out stumps, which requires large equipment to get the stump out of the ground, heavy debris that needs to be disposed of, and a large hole that then needs to be filled, stump grinding is a much easier and cheaper alternative.

Occasionally, it is desirous to replant trees in the same area as an existing stump. This can be accomplished but a new tree may be better suited within a few feet of an existing tree, as grinding usually only removes the upper few inches of a stump and the new planting will be less subject to settling.

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