Firewood & Mulch

Please contact HTS Tree Care if you are interested in ordering firewood or mulch.


Firewood is available by the cord or half-cord. A cord of wood is an organized stack of wood measuring 4’ x 4’ x 8’, or 128 cubic feet, and allows for air spacing between pieces. A face cord is a half cord of wood.

Our firewood consists of a mixture of trees and absolutely no pine. All wood is cut approximately 16”-18” in length and split into manageable pieces; however, an occasional extra large or small piece may be mixed into the delivery. Firewood is delivered in dump trucks and dumped in an accessible location. Stacking or moving of the wood is not included.

Ideally, firewood should be seasoned 6 months to a year, but it is best to ask before purchasing how long the wood has been seasoned for. Our supply of fully seasoned wood may run out during the winter months, and it may be beneficial to order wood early in the season or during the summer and allow it to season at your property to reduce this risk.

Occasionally, unsplit or uncut wood may be able to be delivered at a reduced cost or for free if we are working nearby your location. These logs will be delivered by the truckload and can range in diameters from 18" to 4' and in lengths of up to twelve feet.


The application of mulch around trees reduces environmental stress by providing a stable root environment. Proper mulch application conserves soil moisture, soil temperature, and helps to reduce weeds and grass from growing near trees. Mulch can also prevent mechanical damage to trees by keeping lawnmowers and weed whackers away from the base of a tree.

Mulch can be ordered in a variety of colors including brown, black, and red or could consist of composted wood chips or other organic material. It should be spread to a thickness of 2”-4” and cover as much of the root system of a tree as possible. Plastic should not be installed as a weed preventative because it will restrict the movement of water and oxygen to the roots of a tree. Mulch volcanoes, or piles, should also be avoided because they can cause rot or bark suffocation. Care should also be given to ensure that mulch is not directly applied next to the trunk of a tree to ensure that the root collar remains visible.

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