Trees grow in competition with shrubs and bushes for water and soil nutrients, which may already be inhibited by the location of nearby buildings, sidewalks, and driveways. Proper fertilization is the most common treatment to combat this competition by replenishing insufficient soil elements. Trees have expansive root systems that can extend past its drip line and into lawns. It is important to understand that fertilizers applied to lawns may cause detrimental effects to trees because of the difference in nutrients required.

Why Fertilize?

Fertilizing strengthens weak trees susceptible to insect infestation and fungus disease. It invigorates old, mature trees and encourages growth in newly planted and young trees. Fertilizer application develops stronger, deeper root systems and helps to repair damaged roots from excavation.

Deep Root Injection

HTS Tree Care and our fertilizing contractors use a method of deep root injection, which applies liquid fertilizer underground where it will ensure the greatest growth response.

Vertical Mulching

Another method of fertilizer application is done through a process of vertical mulching, where small holes are made from the trunk of a tree to its drip line. Fertilizer is then added to the holes and backfilled with compost, woodchips, and loose topsoil. Not only does this method administer a slow release fertilizer to the root zone, but it also aerates the soil and promotes increased root development.

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